Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bahrain Gran Prix - Lay Vettel at 1-2 for Podium Finisl

In the final qualifying session, the leading drivers opted for super soft Bridgestone tyres to optimize their grid position. This could well compromise their race performance as the preference for the race would be to run with these tyres when you have lightetst fuel at the end of the race (no refuelling allowed this year).

The Red Bull is especially hard on it's tyres and it could suffer particularly badly in this area during the race. With Ferrari have a stronger race pace, Vettel looks to be a very shaky odds on chance for a podium finish. I'm laying him at 1-2.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bahrain Grand Prix Qualifying - Sauber to spring a suprise

Sauber have looked competitive in testing, not far off the 'big four' teams of Mercedes, Red Bull, Ferrari and McLaren. If they opt to go with soft compound tyes in qualifying they have a very real chance of springing a suprise. I've had 2pts at 66/1 on each of the Sauber drivers to qualify in P1.