Monday, February 01, 2010

Murray to beat Federer in a Grand Slam Final 2010 - 16/1 - Totesport - 2.5pts

Totesport have opened a market on whether Murray will beat Federer in a Grand Slam Final in 2010. By finishing 2nd in the Australian Open, I think he is likley to be 2nd/3rd seeding in the Grand SLams events (he is now up to 3rd in the ATP rankings). This will mena that he is likley to be dranw to meeet Federer in the final.

Murray is 13/8 to win a Grand SLam eevent (realistically Wimbledon or teh US Open). I can see a Federer/Murray final in either Wimbledon and/or the US Open - they are 1st/2nd favs for both events. If this happens, the 16/1 on Murray beating Federer to win a Grand Slam eevent in 2010 will look big. I've had 2.5 pts (max. allowed) at 16/1.

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Aaron said...

Initially they had this the other way around (in the RP), still @ 16/1, and I managed to get on on the phone - when it went online they had switched it to Murray to beat Federer. Still good value - but you should be aware that tennis tournaments are not seeded 1v4 / 2v3 - it's 50/50 whether the 1 seed gets 3 or 4. Which will probably be for the best as Murray is dropping down the rankings...